Why Bali Coconuts

1. We deliver to your front door

Get it once, twice, daily, weekly, the days you need it, it’s up to you!
We are ready to deliver coconut water to your door on the days you choose. Free delivery to Canggu, Seminyak, Kerobokan.

2. Our coconut water are freshly bottled daily

Our coconut water is tapped and delivered the same day.

Pure & fresh!
We’ve partnered with trusted coconut farmers in Negara, the capital city of Jembrana Regency in west Bali. We receive deliveries daily, open the coconuts, fill our beautiful bottles, and deliver them to your door.

3. Always delicious & healthy

Tastes delicious, naturally refreshing, no added sugar, and zero preservatives. It’s absolutely full of health benefits! Besides the delicious fresh and sweet taste, coconut water also has some other amazing benefits:

Less Sugar
Coconut water has less sugar than many sports drink, and much less sugar than soda or some fruit juices. Plain coconut water is the better choice for adults and kids who are looking for a less sweet beverage.

Better than many sports drink
Coconut water has fewer calories, fat free, less sodium and more potassium. The ingredients in coconut water are much more effective at hydrating the human body than those of sports and energy drinks.

Hangover remedy
Drinking too much alcohol until your stomach cannot handle it? Drink coconut water to settle your stomach. It’ll also replace electrolytes in your body.

Reduce blood pressure
Coconut water is a good source of electrolytes that can be used as a balancing mechanism from a high blood pressure. It helps improve blood circulation.

Clear up your skin & have healthy hair
Coconut water has the ability to moisturize the skin and eliminate a large amount of oil. That’s why there are so many facial creams, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions containing coconut extract.

4. Environment friendly

Keep Bali clean, save our environment.

Recycled glass bottles
We use beautiful recycled glass bottles for our coconut water. Recycled glass bottle reduces emissions and consumption of raw materials, extends the life of plant equipment, and saves energy. We are happy to pick up and reuse your empty bottles to help save our environment.

No garbage
We only take the clear water from each coconut. The coconut shell is given away to our friendly neighbours in the village, which they can use as a fuel in their kitchen for daily cooking. It means they also reduce the consumption of gas or oil for cooking. Another way to save our environment.

5. High quality

High quality of coconut water and bottles. We guarantee the quality of our coconut water.

Clean glass bottles
Besides the fact that we use fresh coconut water we also maintain and take great care of the quality of the glass bottle we used to bottle the coconut water. Glass bottles are washed and steamed carefully to make sure they’re clean and sterile of any kind of bacteria.

Expired date and instruction mentioned in each bottles
The expiry date is also detailed on each bottle of coconut water to make sure you drink it before it is getting expired. We recommend that you drink the water same day as you receive it for ultimate freshness. Store the bottles inside your fridge if not used immediately. If kept chilled, your coconut water should stay fresh within 3 days.

6. Partnership & custom design

We’re working on partnerships with other companies, organizations and communities. Custom designed stickers can be produced. Please contact us for more detailed information.